I offer workshops to both community and professional organizations.

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The Birds, the Bees and Everything in Between: A Sex Ed Workshop for Parents of Young Children

In this interactive workshop, you will learn age-appropriate topics to discuss at each stage of your child’s development, practice communication tips to be an approachable parent, and discover resources to help build your knowledge of sexuality.

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Mommy Chat ‘N’ Chew Group

New moms are in need of adult conversations that support the logistical challenges of motherhood, while engaging women on an emotional, intellectual, and social level.

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“My Name Used to be Jennifer, Now It’s Lucy’s Mom”

If you are a mom, you know that nothing changes your life more than having a baby!  But with joy and excitement can also come exhaustion and other emotional challenges.

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Unfolding Your Life Vision Workshop

Are you wondering what’s next in your life? Are you craving more creativity and fun? Join us to craft a new course for your life!

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